Medical Cost Containment


Medical Cost Containment

Better Care, Better SavingsCMI offers in-house medical management services that will work with you to ensure your employees receive high-​quality, effective medical treatment. At the same time our industry leading cost containment programs help minimize medical expenses. Our team of experienced registered nurses and analysts review the medical resources to deliver appropriate care at the right time and the right cost. The result? Better claim outcomes and maximized savings.

Keys to our cost containment program are:

Best-In-Class Turnaround Time: Not outsourcing the medical bill process results in an expedited turnaround time for bill payment that is best in the industry. This saves you and the injured employee time and frustration in dealing with tedious bill payment issues.

Leading Edge Technology: Our comprehensive software package processes medical bills for maximum fee schedule application or usual and customary reduction on the first pass, and has built-in system flags, checking for errors, duplicate billings, or professional review.

Preferred Provider Network (PPN): When an injured employee utilizes one of the networked physicians, the fees charged are at a reduced rate, directly reducing your workers' compensation costs.

Prescription Drug Program: The cost of prescription drugs is a major driver in the overall cost of every workers' compensation claim. CMI is dedicated to providing necessary medication easy and effectively to injured employees, with no out-of-pocket cost to the injured employee, but also minimizing the overall cost of the necessary prescriptions.

Pardon our re-branding!

CMI is now York Risk Services Group. You still get the same great service, systems and results... only our name has changed. To learn more about York and how we can help you reduce and control losses, click here.